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Practitioner service

For extended full practitioner service please fill in the registration form below and email together with your copy of your qualifications

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What does the practitioner get from BTS?

Once your patient’s sample has been received in the lab, a full analysis is prepared and the results are sent to the BTS-Ireland who will translate them into English. For example, the full fungal screening (candida and all other yeasts and moulds), will provide you with the stool-pH, a full count of all pathogenic fungi and an analysis for the representative protease to identify if the yeast strain is pathogenic (virulence test). As an additional service a mouth swab is investigated with the stool test free of charge. You will normally get all these details + individual therapy suggestions + diet + hygiene recommendations for your patient from BTS within a fortnight after arrival of the sample. As well as that you can ask any questions regards the test kit, results or therapy recommendations. For all questions please contact Janette Pfetzing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.