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What happens to my sample?

Once your patient's sample has been received in the lab, a full analysis is prepared and translated into English.
The full fungal screening (candida and all other yeasts and moulds), for example, will provide you with a full count of all pathogenic fungi and an analysis for the representative protease to identify if the candida strain is pathogenic.
You will normally get all these details and an individual therapy plan for your patient from BTS within a fortnight (The individual therapy plans are written by Janette Pfezting in cooperation with Laboratory Dr. Hauss (Germany)).

Why is this candida test better?

Very often intestinal candida is only diagnosed by use of a symptom questionnaire. Unfortunately several other conditions can mimic the symptoms of candida. It is therefore essential to be 100% sure which condition the patient actually has.
The only scientifically correct test for intestinal candida is to take a stool sample from which a culture is prepared. This will then show the species, strain and cell count. Based on this the lab then recommends the correct anti-fungal remedy and therapy.

Which guarantee do you give for the test quality?

The Dr. Hauss Laboratory, which performs all our tests, is a well known and accredited laboratory in Germany and performs regular, strict quality controls. All devices and substances used in the microbiological analytic processes are constantly checked and validated. The lab always takes part in mycological interlaboratory comparisons. Since the introduction of these controls in 2000 this lab has achieved a 100% pass rate each year. In addition to this they are also regularly inspected by the German Public Health Department, Company Physicians and by their professional association, none of them known to be soft.

Is it difficult to take a stool sample?

Admittedly the procedure does not sound very nice, but if you consider that you can take the test in the privacy of your own home and that this might save you from having more invasive investigations, then it does not seem so bad any more. You will get a hygienic sample jar with a small spoon and a stool collecting strip, which will make the procedure very easy and clean.

Tests with BTS cost less than many others. Are they not scientific?

The Dr. Hauss Laboratory works to the highest scientific standards but in Germany laboratory prices are controlled by the health service insurers. This is the reason that the prices have been stable for the last ten years. In addition BTS Ireland is run with a strict no gloss policy. We have chosen not to spend your money on glossy advertising and brochures but rather pass on reasonable costs and try to put our efforts into a good service.

How do I get more information?

For all questions please contact Janette by telephone or at the email address below Tel: 091-792415 e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it