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 Please find a list of all of our stool tests below.

Test Kits Price in Euros
Test kit 1 Intestinal Candida and other fungi
Includes: candida test
Test kit 2 Intestinal colonization: Screens for your most common beneficial and pathogenic bacteria.
Includes: Candida test plus pathogenic and healthy gut flora (dysbiosis, health of the gut environment)
Test kit 3 Full fungal screen PLUS Intestinal parasites
Includes: candida test and parasites test
Test kit 4 Fungal screen plus immune markers
Includes: candida test, plus sIgA (gut immunity) and leaky gut tests (permits food allergies)
Test kit 5 Fungal screen plus immune markers Plus Intestinal parasites
Includes: candida test, plus sIgA (state of your gut immunity) and leaky gut tests (permits allergies, e.g. food allergies) and parasite test
Test kit 6 Peace of Mind screen
Includes: candida test, plus sIgA (state of your gut immunity) and M2-PK tumour marker (indicates the present of a colon rectal tumours, even at early stages + intestinal bleeding.
Test kit 7 Tummy Ache Screen
Includes: candida test, plus parasites, plus Helicobacter pylori (causes stomach ulcers), inflammation marker (Calprotectin)
Test kit 8 Comprehensive Gut health
Includes: (Test kits 1-7) Candida, complete status of intestinal colonisation, sIgA, Calprotectin, gut wall permeability (alpha- 1 antitrypsin), Tumour marker, intestinal bleeding and H.pylori.
Test kit 9 Gluten sensitivity/intolerance
Contains: sIgA (immune response), tissue transglutaminase (gluten intolerance), gliadin antibodies (gluten sensitivity)
Add on tests can only be ordered with any of the test kits above!  
2) Complete status of intestinal colonization: Including yeasts (+virulence test), moulds, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria 35.00
3) Tumour Marker: Tumour-M2-PK in stool 37.00
4) Pancreas diagnostic: Pancreatic elastase as a marker for chronic and acute pancreatitis 34.00
5a) Secretory IgA in the stool (Gut immunity marker) 31.00
5b) Calprotectin (Inflammation marker) 31.00
5c) Alpha-1-antitrypsine (Leaky gut marker)
Food, Histamine or Gluten intolerance, Food allergies, Enterocolitis of different origin, Dysbiosis
5d) β-Defensin 2 (Inflammation marker) 37.00
5e) Zonulin (Leaky gut marker)
Auto immune, type 1 Diabetes, MS, Rh. Arthritis
6a) Tissue-transglutaminase-slgA (Coeliac's disease) 40.00
6b) Gliadin antibodies (Gluten sensitivity) 40.00
7) Intestinal bleeding: Haemoglobin-haptoglobin complex: marker for intestinal bleeding 22.00
8a) Intestinal Parasites: Protozoa, cysts and worm eggs 34.00
8b) Pin worms (Oxyuren eggs) on glass slide 12.00
9) Pathogenic Stool-bacteria: Enterobacteria and non-fermenter only 37.00
10) Diagnosis of acute diarrhoea:

  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Campylobacter
  • Yersinia
  • Clostridium difficile toxin A
17.00 per species
11) Helicobacter pylori antigen from a simple stool sample 27.00
12) Lactose intolerance (mouth swab) 74.00
13) EPX: Eosinophiles Protein from a simple stool sample 34.00
14) Histamine intolerance from a simple stool sample 37.00